Aunt Claire On Saturday we went to an egg decorating party at Kristen’s.  Carson wasn’t too into the egg decorating part, but had a good time exploring the house and the yard, and eating lots of goldfish crackers.  Betsy got passed around quite a bit and did a great job. Ben and I both got new running … [Read more…]


  Lunch Duty I picked up play date lunch for 3 adults and 3 kids at Chick-fil-A today.  My front seat was pretty full.  I’m convinced that this is the only place moms go to get lunch for their kids in this city.  But despite the long line at the drive thru, things moved quickly … [Read more…]


It’s a Beautiful Day It was a little too chilly in the shade, but the sunshine was glorious and the temps were close to perfect today.  We got to meet up with Carrie and do a little shopping and then have lunch.  This area in City Centre is one of my favorites.  It’s a great … [Read more…]


  Dinner for Betsy The time change is still messing with me.  Suddenly it will be 6:30 and no one will have eaten dinner!  Good thing I’d made baby food earlier in the day.  Tonight Betsy had carrots for the first time and she really seemed to like them.  Carson came over to the table … [Read more…]


  Magic Wand Carson likes sticks, as most boys do.  Today I came outside and he was playing with this one.  He said “Gotta say the magic words!”.  I know this comes from an Umi Zoomi episode (“The Incredible Presto”) in which the magician accidentally puts his magic wand in the washing machine and it … [Read more…]


  Double Stroller Thanks to Ashley Holt for this stroller!  I am so glad that Ben suggested we try it out today.  We only walked, but Betsy is definitely ready for it.  Now I have even less of an excuse for not starting to run again… Had to share this picture.  Carson’s face is hilarious. … [Read more…]


  Bubbles It is hard to blow bubbles and then try to catch a good photo of a 2 year old.  Believe me.  I tried about 20 times.  But this made his and my morning.


  My Babes These two make my life amazing, exhausting, hilarious, frustrating and wonderful. Tonight Kate drove down at the last minute to watch them while Ben and I went to see Jim Gaffigan with a couple of friends.  It was a short night out and I ate a concession stand hot dog for dinner, … [Read more…]