Grocery Shopping I’ve fallen behind on blogging this week!  So the next couple posts will be easy to read, just photos and captions because I am to tired to do much else :)


So Pensive This picture makes me smile.  If you know Carson, you know he didn’t pose for this, which makes is even funnier.  We spent quite a bit of time outside today.  I took the double stroller out for a “jog” (well, maybe more of a quick walk) this morning.  Then I brought a quilt … [Read more…]


Spring Evening We had a laid back day.  Went to church this morning and became members of Redeemer Sugar Land.  The church has been such a blessing to us already and we’re excited to be a part of the body there.  Steve headed back to pick Kate up from the airport after lunch.  Ben took … [Read more…]


Bike Riding We have quite a few pictures in which Carson is on a bike and Papa Steve is pushing him along.  I know Ben is hopeful that his love for bicycles continues.  With a wife who is less than thrilled to get on one of the things, Ben needs a biking buddy in the … [Read more…]


Brother and Sister Betsy loves Carson.  She gets a huge smile on her face whenever she sees him.  I can’t wait for her to be able to move around and interact with him more.  I know that will bring its own set of problems, but that’s just life.  As your babies get older, you phase … [Read more…]


  4 Generations My dad, my aunt Joan and Grandpa Marvin came down to Houston for the day.  They got in around noon, we had lunch, hung out at the house while the kids took naps and then met up with Ben for dinner. Carson entertained everyone this afternoon.  I’m pretty sure that he showed … [Read more…]


Betsy I’m an equal opportunity mom, so here’s a photo of sweet Betsy. She’s been sleeping pretty well for naps and at night.  She’s even been sleeping through the night the past couple of nights.  The only issue I have with her sleeping habits is waking up at 5am.  Maybe I should be thankful that … [Read more…]


  Ginger This is our dog Ginger.  She’s been with us since February of 2009.  We drove to Elk City, Oklahoma to get her from a shelter when she was just a wee little thing.  She was our first “baby”.  Have you seen her yet in my posts?  No? Maybe that’s because I only post … [Read more…]


  Carson Do you ever have days as a mother when you are just head over heels in love with your kid?  Not that you aren’t always, but for some reason, on some days, you just can’t get enough of them and every single thing they do amazes and impresses you and makes you want … [Read more…]


  Driving Home This picture of Betsy doesn’t really capture how funny she was being in the car.  She was holding on to the toes of her right foot and stretching it out the side of the car seat while squealing pretty loudly.  Carson slept through it all. Happy Easter!  We had a lovely weekend … [Read more…]