Cheeks Betsy has such a round, squishy, kissable face.  Chubby baby cheeks are the best.  I am so thankful for this girl and for her big brother who is so sweet and loving to her.  He did try to sit on her today, but not in a mean way.  He just doesn’t quite understand that … [Read more…]


  Alaska Pajamas My parents went on an Alaskan cruise last summer with a bunch of my mom’s family.  If I ever cruise, I want it to be an Alaskan cruise.  My mom brought back these pajamas for Carson and Betsy.  Carson’s fit when he got them, and Betsy’s were too big.  Now Carson’s are … [Read more…]


Smiling at Brother This little girl is getting both of her two bottom teeth in right now!  She is now eating at least 2, and often 3 meals these days.  I always give her solids for dinner, but over the last week or so I’ve started giving her solids at breakfast or lunch.  She is … [Read more…]


  Uncooperative Carson would not sit and take a picture with Betsy and Mormor.  I took about a dozen pictures, and this is the best one we got.  He was way more interested in Pete, the motorcycles in the garage, and this flashlight. Wendy, a friend I’ve had since elementary school, called me on Saturday … [Read more…]


Round Rock Animal Hospital’s 35th Anniversary My mom planned a surprise open house for my dad today, the 35th anniversary of the first day my dad paid rent on his veterinary clinic.  He was completely surprised.  A lot of the original clients came to congratulate him.  I was so glad we got to be there … [Read more…]


  Carson Videos Today I drove up to Round Rock with the kids.  It was probably the worst car trip yet.  Betsy took a long nap before we left, which meant she was well rested and not at all in the mood for a car ride.  Carson needed to sleep, but after a 45 minute … [Read more…]


  Silly Betsy Today I took some pictures of Betsy in a dress my Grandma June wore as a baby.  This one isn’t great quality, but she got so tickled when Carson came into the room and playing with her that I had to share this shot. This morning I helped face paint at a … [Read more…]


  Face Plant Carson went face first into the edge of the coffee table this morning as he tried to escape from the evil woman trying to take off his very full diaper and put on a nice, dry one.  I tried to put a cold pack on it, but he wasn’t about to just … [Read more…]