March 9, 2016


We had a busy day and really needed to get back for naps, but on the way back home I made the not so bright decision to stop for cupcakes.  While I paid for them the kids were either running around in circles or laying on the floor of the store. Fun times.  But it was worth … [Read more…]

March 8, 2016


Betsy doesn’t often nap at school, but when she does she doesn’t nap at home.  I had to do some cleaning while the others napped this afternoon so she had some time on the ipad with her  headphones and had a very hard time accepting when her time was up…

March 5, 2016


Today we tackled a project for the kids.  Their dress up basket was overflowing.  I thought, “We should get a kids clothes rack and hang some of it up.”  Then I thought, “We should MAKE one!”  Found a simple DIY online and we went to the store today, got what we needed and Ben got … [Read more…]

March 4, 2016


Today was a laid back and pretty fun day.  We didn’t do a whole lot, but no one lost their mind and there wasn’t much yelling (which is pretty great!).  It didn’t hurt that the weather was fantastic.  Happy Friday! Also, this.

March 3, 2016


The rodeo is going on in Houston over the next two weeks and that’s when they do “Western Week” at school.  Of course we get dressed up.  Of course I make them get together for a picture.