March 27, 2016


We enjoyed a busy Easter Sunday with our church family this morning and a lovely lunch with friends afterward. I am embarrassed to say that I don’t have one of the family or the kids all together.  And now that I’m going through photos I realize I don’t have even one picture of Christopher!  Sorry, … [Read more…]

Bluebonnets 2016


I am trying something a little different with this post! Make sure to click through to “Read More” to see the slideshow.  I couldn’t narrow down the photos of the kids I took in Round Rock last week.  Having them all in a post would’ve made it quite long, so I thought I’d give this … [Read more…]

March 24, 2016

IMG_9624 (1)

A little Carson-centric posting this week.  It wasn’t intentional.  In all honesty he and I are not getting along, so maybe I’m more appreciative of the good moments we have and I feel them worth documenting.  Five has been a rough age so far and we clash daily.  Parenting is hard.

March 22, 2016


After Carson got up from his nap he came downstairs with some baking toys from upstairs.  I’m not sure if he knew I was baking or not, but he said he wanted to “play bakery”.  He put on his A&M hat, called it the “Aggie bakery” and asked for a cookbook.  There were some other … [Read more…]