38 Weeks

Technically 38 weeks and a 1 day.  But who’s counting?  Ben and I went to a lawyer dinner function tonight and I wore the only fancy maternity item I own (and it’s not even mine).  Good thing we don’t go to a lot of these functions or I would be referred to as “that pregnant … [Read more…]

37 Weeks

Nothing to report.  I am going to the doctor on Thursday, and Ben and I are going to pre-admit to the hospital that afternoon. We are officially full term now, and while that is a comforting fact I wonder why I then have to wait patiently for another 3-5 weeks to meet Baby Z!  If … [Read more…]

36 weeks

Here is the 36 week belly shot.  I asked Ben if he thought I looked much bigger this week than the week before, and he kindly replied, “No, I don’t think so.”  I didn’t feel a whole lot bigger, but when I saw this photo I felt differently.  I am in fact bigger than the … [Read more…]

35 Weeks

Here is a proper belly shot for week 35.  Only 35 days to go!  Yikes. Ben and I should probably get to narrowing down our list of baby names.  I think we still have at least 10 contenders per gender at this point.  A name is quite permanent, so I’m having a tough time.  My … [Read more…]

33 Weeks

Wow.  I have been really bad about posting updates and belly shots.  Ben kept reminding me, but it just never happened.  So here is the most recent belly shot.  This is technically 32 weeks and 5 days, but its close enough.  I was in Austin this weekend for a baby shower that my sisters threw … [Read more…]

Best Onesie Ever

An unexpected package came in the mail yesterday.  It was flat and soft and sent from Babies R Us.  What could it be?  Upon opening the mysterious package I discovered this! You know you have a serious loyalty to (some might say obsession with) your school when you decide to dress your unborn children in … [Read more…]

Newest Baby Z Photo

When I went to the doctor last week I was measuring a little small, so my doctor did a quick sonogram to see if the baby was a good size.  Baby Z was 3 pounds 3 ounces then, and everything looked good.  He took a few pictures, so that was a nice treat. Here is … [Read more…]