1 Month

Carson is 1 month old today!  OK, so it’s not that big of a deal to anyone else…but it is to us.  It is hard to believe that it’s already been a month.  He is quite different today than he was on November 14. Carson is much more alert these days, and has started to … [Read more…]


In the course of about 2 hours I was spit up on, and peed on.  About an hour after the spit up I discovered some of it on my shirt that I’d missed when I cleaned myself up before.  Gross.  I told Ben this must mean I am officially a mom. On the bright side, … [Read more…]


These are not smiles of happiness or contentment, I know that.  He’s not smiling because he’s so happy I’m playing with him.   Some of you will say, “It’s just gas.”, and you’re probably right.  But I still think these are cute pictures.

The Weekend

This was the first weekend that Ben and I have been by ourselves with Carson.  He is 3 weeks old now, and we tried a bunch of new things with him this weekend. On Friday afternoon, Carson took a 3 hour nap in the crib so we decided to try him out in the crib … [Read more…]

Thanksgiving 2010

Grandpa and Grandma Zinnecker, Aunt Claire and Aunt Sarah came up to Amarillo for Thanksgiving. Great-Grandpa Marvin and Patti hosted this year, which was a wonderful blessing. Patti’s daughter Shelly, her husband Mike and their kids were at Patti’s and put together a terrific meal.  The food and the company were wonderful. Thanks to a … [Read more…]

Carson’s First Bath

I was truly dreading this moment, and now I am dreading the next time we have to give Carson a bath.  He doesn’t cry very much yet, unless he is naked or cold.  So, let’s combine naked, cold and wet for a really great time. The great thing about this bath is that he smelled … [Read more…]

Coming Home

The past few days have been so incredible.  It’s hard to believe Carson has been with us for 4 days now.  I had no idea how quickly and how much I’d fall in love with the little man. We came home from the hospital on Tuesday afternoon.  Here we are at the hospital getting ready … [Read more…]